Artist Guy Aitchison Tattoo Work


Famous Artists : Mario Barth & Guy Aitchison

Mario Barth from Starlight Tattoo – Celebrity tattoo artist Mario Barth is the owner and chief tattoo artist at Starlight Tattoo, the premier international tattoo organization with four high-end tattoo studios and the online tattoo supply company called, The Tattoo Super Store.
Hyperspace Studios – Guy Aitchison Guy’s tattoo work has been published numerous times in tattoo magazines, including Outlaw Biker Tattoo Review, Easyrider Tattoo, Skin Art, Skin&Ink, International Tattoo Art and others. His paintings have been published in Art Alternatives and Savage magazine.

History Of Tattoos

Different forms of tattoo art have been practiced by many different cultures of the world, over the centuries. It has been found that Egyptians started using tattoos as early as 4000 B.C. Japanese began the art of tattooing in around 500 B.C. They used this form of art for cosmetic and religious purposes. They even used tattoos as a brand known to the criminals as part of their punishment. The Japanese used to make tattoos by puncturing the skin with fine metal needles & creating multicolor designs. Eskimos tribes invented new technique of tattooing of using bone needles.