History Of Tattoos

Different forms of tattoo art have been practiced by many different cultures of the world, over the centuries. It has been found that Egyptians started using tattoos as early as 4000 B.C. Japanese began the art of tattooing in around 500 B.C. They used this form of art for cosmetic and religious purposes. They even used tattoos as a brand known to the criminals as part of their punishment. The Japanese used to make tattoos by puncturing the skin with fine metal needles & creating multicolor designs. Eskimos tribes invented new technique of tattooing of using bone needles.


Tattoos More In Demand

There are about 20,000+ tattoo parlors in the U.S. according to everytattoo.com. This means that the career of tattooing has grow and is still growing. And that each state has a good number of  tattoo parlors in them. And those are just the registered tattoo artist that own shops and do tattoos “legally”. But we all know there are people in the United States who do tattoos “illegally”. As long as there are people who find tattoos interesting and like them this demand will grow and expand and more tattoo parlors will sprout up. And now in 2010 almost everyone has at least one tattoo on them somewhere even if its a small as a star or as big as a sleeve TATTOOS ARE IN DEMAND..

Star Tatttoos

Star tattoos are starting to become very common in the tattoo world. The main place you will find these tattoos are mostly on females, most get them on there leg or feet but some go all out and get them on there chest and other areas. You may see male with two stars on the left and right side of there chest. Many people ask what is the mean to the star and honestly there is no meaning the star could mean something to that particular person but most likely its just a popular tattoo design.